The Smartest Technology Company In The World, In addition to Google, Facebook and Apple

The Smartest Technology Company In The World, In addition to Google, Facebook and Apple
The Smartest Technology Company In The World - The brightest technology companies continue to make innovations, one of which gets a lot of attention on artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). Big companies like Snapchat, Facebook and Apple continue to dominate with their advanced technology.

But the MIT Technology Review does not include Apple and Facebook companies as the world's brightest technology companies. Although they have been actively developing smart technology to provide the best service.

As released by We Forum, MIT Technology Review always selects 50 technology companies around the world, looking at companies that create new opportunities between technology and business, Tuesday (5/9/2017). If not Apple or Facebook, then who is the smartest technology company in the world? Well, here is a summary of the information.


Nvidia is indeed very familiar in the ears of technology users, the company residing in Santa Clara, California - United States became the first intelligent technology company. Nvidia is a manufacturer that makes graphics processors, media, graphics cards, game consoles and communication tools for PCs. Now they are becoming an artificial intelligence software company.

They claim every company related to the internet and the cloud, using the chips they make to speed up the processor. Not only that, automotive companies that use autonomous steering system from Nvidia technology including Toyota. Currently their revenue is recorded at US $ 90.9 billion equivalent to Rp 1.212 trillion.


Tesla Elon Musk owner of the world's 2nd brightest technology company SpaceX. This is because the development plan to make a rocket, but can be used for reuse (reusable).

The idea of ​​technology developed by SpaceX in order to crawl space becomes cheaper, and can be used for the long term. SpaceX plans to make the inter-planetary transportation.

The brightest technology company located in Howtone, California - USA is conducting its first test. Falcon Heavy is claimed to be the most powerful rocket propulsion in rocket history.

Falcon Heavy is predicted to be completed by the end of 2017 and ready to test. They recorded a revenue of US $ 12 billion equivalent to Rp 160 trillion.


The next brightest technology company is Amazon, a company that develops artificial intelligence technology. The technology they have created is machine learning, computer vision and AI technology that makes it easier for someone to shop.

The company owner Jeff Bezos, has created a technology that applies online shopping in a physical store on Amazon Go. Where consumers simply enter into the store scan scan with gadgets or smartphones. Furthermore, groceries will come out without having to pay.

Amazon uses artificial intelligence to identify the desired product, as well as do billing automatically. So consumers will be free from the queue, making the company in Seattle, Washington - United States as one of the brightest technology companies.


23andMe company is not many people know, but the smartest technology company is doing genetic testing. They have reports on diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

The company is located in Mountain View, California - America Seriak has more than 2 million customers in the world. The DNA products they make are already widely used about depression, female fertility, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Although based on startup they have revenues of US $ 1.1 billion equivalent to Rp 14.6 trillion.


Everyone must know the Google company, this is actually a derivative of the company Alphabet. But the owner of Larry Page is now focusing on artificial intelligence technologies such as autonomous vehicle systems. virtual reality, augmented reality and search engines.

This smartest technology company has revenues of US $ 673.9 billion equivalent to Rp 8,985 trillion.

Although companies like Apple and Facebook are busy talking about it, they are not in the top 5 of the brightest technology company version of MIT Technology Review. At position 16 is occupied by Apple and position 23 is occupied by Facebook.

In addition, there are some very well-known big companies that enter the top 50 which is position 8 occupied by Tencent Chinese company, 13 occupied by Intel, 27 position occupied by Microsoft, 31 occupied Tesla and 33 occupied by Foxconn.

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