From now on Google's China Smart Speakers are Ready to Grow Up Everywhere

From now on Google's China Smart Speakers are Ready to Grow Up Everywhere
The proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers - Technology and technology became the warmest conversation since millennium year. The 2000s became a mute witness of the onset of technological developments. Actually before that year, technology had begun to develop, but not as hard and as powerful as the Millennium year arrived. Now, almost every time there is always the latest technology that appears, such as the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers made in China.

World Technology Competition

Competition between companies in the world of technology can not be dammed again. Almost every moment there is just the latest technology produced. More and more if one we miss not to learn at all.

The main role that is very important and influential on the development of existing technology is human. Modern man who continues to develop his mindset from time to time. The more advanced the development of the era, then the human mindset is more advanced and growing. Humans have a brain that exceeds any sophisticated technology.

To realize what is in the human brain, then made a technology that is physically visible and can be used. It is a real tool of the creative thinking of human ideas. More creative and more creative as evidenced by the emergence of many new technologies.

Start the spread of Baidu Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers are one of the newest types of technologies that have recently emerged. This type of technology is a type of technology today that is widely used by users of gadgets. These speakers become loudspeakers that are not as large as we know so far, but the speakers with a mini size that the strength is not inferior to the large speakers.

A large Chinese company named Baidu has become a pioneer in the proliferation of this Baidu Smart Speaker. The resulting smart speaker display is better with an elegant design. It has its own distinctive characteristics that are different from other speaker models.

The form of smart speakers made by giant internet companies in China is very unique and different from other speakers. The shape is multiplied like a board that can be dismantled pairs. These boards are shaped blocks with various colors.

The design name of this smart speaker technology is the Smart Speaker Raven H. Raven is a technology series for robotics, so it can be imagined how the sophistication of these smart speakers. The Raven H series used on these smart speakers is also a series of Raven R and Raven Q series that have been created before. Both introduce robotic-based innovations that are reliable.

Robotic components contained in the Raven H component in this smart speaker which then makes a lot of Baidu speakers include smart speakers. Where these speakers will be used easily and know what the user wants.

Production of smart speakers by Chinese companies is still not marketed nationally, but still just finished production. The marketing plan is at the end of 2017 with an inexpensive price range. Price 1.699 yuan or equivalent to the price of 3.4 million dollars into a price range that will be priced for the market of this smart speaker.

Baidu, as a Chinese giant internet company, is not alone in creating this smart Raven H Speaker, but also assisted by experts from Sweden. Testing was done many times in stages so as to produce the accuracy of the function of this smart speaker. So that when marketed already reach all the needs of its users.

In the middle of the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers, many gadget companies are also developing a smart speaker products. They have their own version of smart speaker products, with different characteristics and types with other products. Obviously with the identity of the company itself. Even Samsung and iPhone company classmates do not want to lose to produce better and better quality smart speakers that can compete with other products.

The news will be the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speaker in this market gives a positive effect for the community as its users. They can enjoy the sophistication of technology by feeling the benefits of this Baidu smart speaker. in addition, also to increase the flow of world technological developments.

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