9 Best Android Game Options That Can Be Played Without an Internet Connection

9 Best Android Game Options That Can Be Played Without an Internet Connection
The Best Android Game Without the Internet - As time goes on developments in the mobile gaming industry getting better and bigger. More and more new Android games are emerging in the market. In fact, there are also Android games that you can play without having to take advantage of internet network connection. With that of course increasingly make the game lovers like the game. Moreover, the game lovers will certainly make them more happy because it can play games that he likes without having to use the internet.

Maybe you often get constrained can not play the game you like because your data packan out. If it's like this it feels very disappointed. But technological progress is getting sophisticated just so it allows us to save game games that we like offline. That way even if we are not connected to the internet, we can still easily play the game and certainly will not die style is not it?

Now smartphone has presented a variety of applications that can facilitate you in doing everything. Especially for the game problem of course already many new games available. If you are still confused to find the latest Android games that you can play offline, here's a selection of some games that can be tried for download.

1. Piano Tiles 2

Surely this one game favored by many people because of how easy to play it. You just need to press the black tiles and avoid empty tiles. You can certainly play in a slow, moderate to fastest rhythm. For sure this game test your speed in thinking.

2. Daddy Was A Tief

Interestingly in this latest Android game of course thanks to the gameplay as well as different backgrounds and also unique.

3. Plague Inc.

Thanks to this one game you certainly can feel how to make a virus then spread it all over the world. This one game is also somewhat unique even the strategy is high and the simulation is scary and of course this game you can play without having to connect to the internet.

4. Subway Surfers

It's somewhat out of date, but the game with its endless running genre is certainly not going to make you feel bored. Of course you can collect the powers-up that has been available during the trip.

5. Flappy Bird

The size of this one game measures only about 1 MB only. Gameplay that has been available will be adorable even you will be made not bored with this one game.

6. Dummy Defense

In this latest Android game your job is just to design a structure that will protect Melvin from accident. The structure and the building must be cheap and can also be strong in the face of accidents.

7. Temple Run 2

This classic game is arguably the best-seller in the playstore even so well known because it has been downloaded more than 4 million users. In this game you are also required to become a hero who ran on the site of the temple that has been unused and will be pursued by gorilla-like monsters. If you get caught it means you've game over. Although the concept that has been presented by this game fairly simple, but not until you underestimate it.

8. Dumb Ways To Die 2

This latest Android game is very fun and spelled out so funny. Even the presentation also uses a song that will accompany it during the game is in progress.

9. World Of Goo

This one game has been designed with a brilliant and also more imaginative so as to make this puzzle more loved by many people even also become one of the best games in the Playstore. Here you are required to guide a group of strange creatures to reach the final level without having to kill too many creatures during the process.

That was a selection of latest Android games that you can play offline without having to connect to the Internet network. Especially now has a lot of unique and interesting games that have appeared diplaystore, so we can also download it easily and try to play the games available.

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