With The Fingerprint Sensor Technology Can Facilitate The Investigation Process

With The Fingerprint Sensor Technology Can Facilitate The Investigation Process
Fingerprint Sensor Technology - Crime is always around us. There will never be endless. This crime can make anyone a victim. Even evil can not be wiped out cleanly, but will become an endless spice of life. Humans are just trying to reduce it, one of them is by creating a sophisticated fingerprint sensor device. When a crime happens, there will be several people involved. Not just one or two people, but many people. So that will make the long, long, and complicated process to solve it. The role of human beings is not enough, it takes a sophisticated detector to support it. There is a quality of human resources as a leading role in solving this crime problem, and then supported by advanced investigation tools, it will make the data collected more accurate.

The usual investigative tools used by security and justice enforcers such as police or detectives are loops or magnifying glass or other tools. They can even detect fingerprints from criminals easily. But still using simple equipment only. Currently a fingerprint sensor device has been developed by a company in the UK. This tool becomes a new technology created and still the first in the world. Working closely with the United States, contributing research and updating of this tool. It is expected that this latest technology will facilitate the investigation process in combating the crimes that exist in this world. The crushing of evil must be with accurate data collection. Do not just collect samples. It would be very troublesome having to go the extra mile. Though the data is the source of the information. Fingerprint is one type of data that must be collected. Where this fingerprint will be the most accurate data to determine who the perpetrators of the crime in question. This fingerprint can be obtained from the fingers and palms of the hands. Where it will be done by the perpetrator, because the offender will hold the evidence they use to commit the crime. Can not run anymore, if the printed finger on the evidence has come out the result. But the determination of this fingerprint still has weaknesses, namely the number of results of the investigation is less than the maximum results. In addition, the results are too long out so as to enable the offender has removed his tracks. Even many criminals who can eliminate fingerprint trace with a very clever. As a result action becomes a clean action that can not be detected at all. They are clever to wash their hands, so that they can carry the next crime.

Fingerprint Sensor Tool to Facilitate the Investigation Process

This fingerprint sensor tool is one of the answers for defenders of justice. This tool is made with advanced technology and is done by experts. This tool is supported with advanced sensors that have been proven to provide convenience. All sensors supported devices will provide satisfactory results. This latest tool was created by reliable scientists from Sheffield Hallam University, West Yorkshire, England. The latest technology to maximize fingerprints for inspection and investigation purposes. The principle of this fingerprint detector is the same as the other detector, which can more accurately information. If by conventional methods, after obtaining fingerprint data, it will be matched with the hands of the offender. Not yet known whether in the male or female offender. But after using this censored fingerprint, we can know the sex of the perpetrator. Supported by advanced technology from Chemical analysis called Future Spectometry technology, this fingerprint detection device can detect fingerprint on liquid and gas. So it can get fingerprint data easily.

For its application, this fingerprint sensor device has been used as a detection tool for investigating crime cases of murder and rape. It has been tested several times, and is guaranteed accurate. The price is definitely exorbitant, but make no mistake, its use exceeds the price.

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