7 Easy Ways to Proven Success to Accelerate Slow Android HP Performance

7 Easy Ways to Proven Success to Accelerate Slow Android HP Performance
How to Speed ​​Up the Performance of HP Android Lelet - It's unfortunate if your favorite HP Android slow and fast crash. Moreover, if the price of HP Android reached tens of millions of rupiah. Should immediately find out what causes. Surely very uncomfortable if HP Android intermittently crashes and the more slow performance.

Surely this slow performance will appear when HP Android is long we use / buy. It is rare to slow Android performance on the first purchase. After many years and even months the performance is usually reduced.

Do not panic first, because usually this slow performance is not permanent. Generally this problem can be solved with certain tricks. The malignant disease on your Android phone can be cured and back smoothly just like when you first bought it.

Here are 7 Ways to Accelerate the Performance of HP Android Lelet
Here I will try to give 7 special tricks to overcome the performance of Android is slow. Please try one by one, may be the right solution.

1. Diligent Update Operating System

Updating the OS seems to be one of the lazy activities we do. Because usually update this OS will take a long time. Though actually this OS update can be said obliged. When we have get notification of OS update from vendor of HP, then immediately we do update.

It is true that OS updates will require a large internet package. But the solution you can take advantage of free internet networks such as WiFi, Hotspot from HP friends, and so forth.

Do update the OS at night so as not to disrupt the activity using HP. If HP is already connected to the internet, you can let it go. Because later HP Android will update the OS automatically.

If you already ignore the update notification please go to Settings menu> About Device> Software update and update. Update the OS is very important because the software will improve HP performance. Then usually this OS update contains the latest features of HP vendors. The same thing even though you do on the HP Android app update. So not just on Operation System only.

2. Clean the Home Screen

If left usually Home Screen or main screen is often filled with various application shortcuts, whether it is a frequently used application or just installed. By letting just a variety of shortcuts not important on this main screen then it is the same means to let HP Android performance decline. From now on try to always clean this shortcut from the home screen.

Then you should remove the static or moving wallpaper. It will burden your phone so that in the end the performance of HP Android ugly.

3. Remove or Disable Unused Apps

When you find an application that is rarely used or even not needed, then you should just remove the application. The problem with leaving Apps useless means you're giving up space on Android phones to be congested and useless. Android Android processing space will be full especially if the Active application running in the background.

If the Application can not be deleted then you can turn off the Application until it is not working. The trick is very easy, you just go to the Settings menu> Applications. Choose some unused apps to shut down or may be discarded or uninstalled.

4. Turn off the Animation

Turn off the animation or at least reduce the animation duration value from its default to improve your HP Android performance so it will not slow down. The way you please go to Settings menu> About Phone then search the Device information menu or Systems.

Then from the menu look for the column that displays the Build number. Tap or tap the column 7 times to enable Developer mode. Afterwards, in the Settings menu, Options Developer Options will appear. Go there and you will find the Window Animation Scale, Transition animation scale, and Animation duration scale fields. In sequence, you now change the number listed to 0.5x or you can choose Animation off.

5. Clear Cache In Applications

Like any software or application on the computer then on the same Android-that is the nature of the application will store the data cached function to be opened again later on quickly. Indeed there are benefits of this data cached, but if left continuously then the data cached will accumulate. It's in one app, especially if the data is cached from a wide range of applications.

Data cached will continue to be stored on the memory of HP Android so that over time HP Android performance will slow down. Try to spend time like clearing the app cache. You go to the Settings menu> Applications and select the app that usually saves too much cache. Once found please select or tap Clear Cache. If you do not want to bother to just clear the cache, you can use third party applications such as CC Cleaner or Clean Master application.

6. Turn off Auto-Sync Feature

Lots of applications that automatically install the auto-sync feature in it like social media applications, e-mail, and so forth. And indeed this feature is very useful as in e-mail will serve to receive the latest e-mail when there is incoming e-mail. The nature of this auto-sync is for the application to automatically pull the latest data in a certain duration.

In fact this auto-sync feature will give the effect of HP Android speed performance decreased. You should just turn off the auto-sync feature for certain applications only. Or you can turn off the auto-sync feature in situations only.

7. Do Factory Reset

This is the final step to maximize your HP's Android performance again. By doing Factory Reset then this will restore the condition of the phone software in the original condition as when you first bought it. But doing Factory Reset has a big risk that all data and your application will be lost. Later you though to re-download to bring it back. Important data should you backup first before doing Factory Reset.

Ok maybe that's just the article How To Speed ​​Up The Performance Of Android HP Lelet. Please good luck and hopefully this article is useful for anyone in need. See you again on other cool and interesting articles. Please do not hesitate to ask or convey personal experience about the performance of HP Android decline in the comment field.

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