Which Android Is Better? Android Lollipop Or Android Marshmallow


Which Android Is Better? Android Lollipop Or Android Marshmallow
Android Lollipop Or Android Marshmallow - The development of the world of technology is just getting faster. As well as the development presented by android phone type. Now available two android operating system that deserves to be an option that is android lollipop and android marshmallow. Google is so concerned about the current mobile ecosystem so that changes to the android system was constantly updated. Certainly thanks to this change will bring a new feature that is certainly more interesting than ever. Even the previous improvements will be more refined in the latest version.

Andorid lovers of course know better which one is better between android lollipop and also this marshmallow system. That must have saved a lot of differences between the android system lollipop and android marshmallow this. But mostly today many people prefer android marshmallows when compared to others. This is of course increasingly support the development of android system prepared by Google. If you are still curious about the difference between the lollipop and marshmallow android systems. How good is the difference between lollipop or android marshmallow system you need to know.

1. Ram Manager

On the android system lollipop will usually provide detailed information about the use of RAM on each application that is on the smartphone. Unlike again with android with this marshmallow system that only gives the average information about the maximum use of RAM from the application.

2. SD Card Can Be Internal Memory

The most striking difference between the two is of course thanks to the SD card is usually so external memory can now be used as internal memory. Even the application can already be installed on the SD card without having to support other applications.

3. User Interface

In the app drawer, android marshmallow makes it easier for you to find the application you use. On the right side there is usually a bar that will display what applications are often used and a scroll based on alfabeth.

4. Fingerprint Support

Surely the presence of this fingerprint support becomes an advantage for mobile android system marshmallow. This of course makes it easier for us to use it.

5. Sensor Fingerprint

Now android system android marshmallow already supported with the fingerprint sensor. Surely this is very good news for smartphone vendors.

6. Battery Life

Until now that becomes a constraint on smartphone users is the endurance of the battery. In the android lollipop system, Google is good enough in presenting the battery system so it is not so wasteful. But for the marshmallow system is much more advanced when compared with the lollipop. Even also already present the latest competitiveness system for android type marshmallow this.

7. Google Now On Top

Google Now service is already present with the changes that are not so great with the new system. Now you just need to press the old home button and eventually anything on the screen can be scanned.

8. App Permissions

On the android system marshmallow finally presents a better app permissions. Application request permits are also more integrated so it allows you to give permission an application on your smartphone. Whereas previously on the lollipop android system you must allow all permissions requested application before it can finally download the app from the Play Store.

9. USB Type C

Now you can use USB Type C to charge other devices in faster time. In fact, in the future USB Type C is going to make the standard on all types of smartphones.

Whatever operating system androidnya of course depends on the satisfaction of each. Because every person would want a certain phone to accompany his day. Moreover, the problem of taste can not be undone again. Certainly by looking at all the differences above, many of you who prefer using a smartphone with android marshmallow system. Because it is perceived android system is somewhat easier for us in many ways. Unlike the lollipop system is still a lot of shortcomings for smartphones.

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