Understanding of Flashing, Android Firmware and Root etc.

Flashing - Basically the same as installing or modifying firmware that is stored protected by flash memory in a device. Flashing OS is a way to enter operating system data or install the operating system and kernel in our Android handset. Simply put, flashing is the process of inserting firmware into the computer. Flashing memory allows many memory locations to be deleted and written in one operating system. It can also be interpreted as a memory chip that can be written, unlike RAM memory chips (Random Access Memory), this memory can store data without the need for electricity. The usual memory installed in the Android system. this concerns the death of an android device.
Understanding of Flashing, Android Firmware and Root etc.

Firmware is software or can be called a fixed program, which is embedded in Android hardware, bro. There is no clear limit to separating Firmware and Software, this is because both are descriptive terms which means quite broad. Broadly speaking, the firmware is almost the same as the operating system on Android, as you know that on Android there is no operating system, it won't give you anything, because it's not able to run the command from its users, as well as Firmware. This firmware can automatically repair itself when there are functional problems.

When we flash custom ROMs on our Android handsets, in the custom ROM itself the kernel is already available, and sometimes the kernel has been modified. But there are some handsets that don't yet provide custom kernels. There are several handsets whose bootloaders are locked by the handset company, so we can only change the operating system, without being able to change the kernel. For DHD, the bootloader is not locked, so we can freely flash the kernel. When we are interacting with an application we actually command the kernel to control the hardware. If you modify optimized kernels such as work (CPU, memory, audio, graphics, videos, etc.)

ROM stands for Read-Only-Memory is read-only, which technically refers to the storage media of a device that contains files from the operating system, which actually does not need to be changed, as long as the operation is still normal. There is also the term Stock ROM and Custom ROM. Stock ROM is the original ROM / carry ROM from Android itself. While the Custom ROM is a ROM that has been modified its contents according to the needs of the Custom ROM maker. When talking about smartphones and tablets, the term ROM refers to the firmware stored in the gadget's internal memory. The internal memory in question is different from the internal memory where the application or data is generally stored.

The kernel is the core system that is the heart of the operating system. The operation that is run by the operating system is processed by the kernel. Diandroid kernel can also be modified and will certainly bring benefits to the operating system or Custom ROM itself. Usually, people develop the kernel according to the custom ROM. We cannot replace our kernel with another kernel that is not recommended by custom ROM makers.

Flashing advantages:

  • Improve features that are vendor weaknesses. Infected vendor default features are not good for example in the vendor default feature we are required to activate the internet network by going to Settings but if using Custom ROM this is made easier by providing a widget turn on / off in the status bar.
  • Changing the look of Android becomes more interesting. This is very often complained about by Android users, because the appearance of Android from vendors is less attractive, we can actually use a number of launchers that have a more attractive UI but the display on the application launcher does not function as the main display, meaning the launcher application is not the original home display.
  • Make the wearer more friendly. Sometimes a Stock ROM provided by a vendor does not provide a satisfying service, so one of the functions that causes a Custom ROM.
  • Increase a little ability so that the performance of Android becomes faster. If the boss has a slow Android, maybe this is the answer.
  • Reduce some bugs for vendors. Sometimes bugs in Stock ROM are the things we are most upset about, but the presence of Stock ROM is indeed very beneficial for one of them.

Flashing disadvantages:

  • Eliminate the Android smartphone warranty. This is what all of you have to think about, we must be absolutely sure of the risks we will receive.
  • Shorten the life of Android, bro. If you already feel rich, then you can keep trying to do it.
  • The advantages can be a bug over time. But this includes rare. This includes the cases that I have experienced, first of all there are many advantages, but in the long run the superiority has become a number of bugs. Maybe you also experience it.
  • The quality update feature is not too good. The update feature is not of very good quality compared to the default ROM, just try the music features and the camera that is not so satisfying even though the update.
  • The function of some parts of the device will be lost or can not be used after you install some of the modified ROM types, not before you use the original Firmware or Stock ROM.

From now on Google's China Smart Speakers are Ready to Grow Up Everywhere

From now on Google's China Smart Speakers are Ready to Grow Up Everywhere
The proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers - Technology and technology became the warmest conversation since millennium year. The 2000s became a mute witness of the onset of technological developments. Actually before that year, technology had begun to develop, but not as hard and as powerful as the Millennium year arrived. Now, almost every time there is always the latest technology that appears, such as the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers made in China.

World Technology Competition

Competition between companies in the world of technology can not be dammed again. Almost every moment there is just the latest technology produced. More and more if one we miss not to learn at all.

The main role that is very important and influential on the development of existing technology is human. Modern man who continues to develop his mindset from time to time. The more advanced the development of the era, then the human mindset is more advanced and growing. Humans have a brain that exceeds any sophisticated technology.

To realize what is in the human brain, then made a technology that is physically visible and can be used. It is a real tool of the creative thinking of human ideas. More creative and more creative as evidenced by the emergence of many new technologies.

Start the spread of Baidu Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers are one of the newest types of technologies that have recently emerged. This type of technology is a type of technology today that is widely used by users of gadgets. These speakers become loudspeakers that are not as large as we know so far, but the speakers with a mini size that the strength is not inferior to the large speakers.

A large Chinese company named Baidu has become a pioneer in the proliferation of this Baidu Smart Speaker. The resulting smart speaker display is better with an elegant design. It has its own distinctive characteristics that are different from other speaker models.

The form of smart speakers made by giant internet companies in China is very unique and different from other speakers. The shape is multiplied like a board that can be dismantled pairs. These boards are shaped blocks with various colors.

The design name of this smart speaker technology is the Smart Speaker Raven H. Raven is a technology series for robotics, so it can be imagined how the sophistication of these smart speakers. The Raven H series used on these smart speakers is also a series of Raven R and Raven Q series that have been created before. Both introduce robotic-based innovations that are reliable.

Robotic components contained in the Raven H component in this smart speaker which then makes a lot of Baidu speakers include smart speakers. Where these speakers will be used easily and know what the user wants.

Production of smart speakers by Chinese companies is still not marketed nationally, but still just finished production. The marketing plan is at the end of 2017 with an inexpensive price range. Price 1.699 yuan or equivalent to the price of 3.4 million dollars into a price range that will be priced for the market of this smart speaker.

Baidu, as a Chinese giant internet company, is not alone in creating this smart Raven H Speaker, but also assisted by experts from Sweden. Testing was done many times in stages so as to produce the accuracy of the function of this smart speaker. So that when marketed already reach all the needs of its users.

In the middle of the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speakers, many gadget companies are also developing a smart speaker products. They have their own version of smart speaker products, with different characteristics and types with other products. Obviously with the identity of the company itself. Even Samsung and iPhone company classmates do not want to lose to produce better and better quality smart speakers that can compete with other products.

The news will be the proliferation of Baidu Smart Speaker in this market gives a positive effect for the community as its users. They can enjoy the sophistication of technology by feeling the benefits of this Baidu smart speaker. in addition, also to increase the flow of world technological developments.

Launches Samsung Galaxy S9 Product - The New Debut of Samsung Company

Launches Samsung Galaxy S9 Product - The New Debut of Samsung Company
Launch Products Samsung Galaxy S9 - The development of information technology also can not be dammed again. The more sophisticated and sophisticated. Moreover, the presence of various branded smartphones and types that are supported by technology machines and super sophisticated network. Like this Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Samsung's latest series are being frenzied talked about.

Many smartphone brands are popping up in Indonesia. The price varies, type varies, and the sophistication of features that also vary. Starting from the cheapest price with features that are also sophisticated, until the price is expensive because it includes the latest output with features that are more perfect than the previous type. Even more modern with more sophisticated design. Because the higher the series, the better the quality.

Samsung is the first brand known in the community. This brand is known as the famous electronic brand before. Then expand and expand its production on smartphone production. The quality of electronics produced previously was already famous for its quality. So even with produkan smartphonenya.

Before its smartphonenya products, Samsung has also melanglang buana produce some mobile phones. Its durability is unquestionable. Guaranteed satisfied and make us reluctant to move to another brand. There are special characters owned by smartphones made by Samsung, which is not owned by other brands. This is what makes Samsung products always best in the eyes of its users.

Samsung has launched hundreds of smartohone types. Everything always brings the best quality with new innovations embedded in each type. And the latest is to market the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy is a series of Samsung flagship smartphone that amounted to tens. Samsung Galaxy is present beetipe S, J, Win, Ace, and still many others. For its S series, Samsung Galaxy that has successfully melanglang bana is Samsung S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, and the new is S9. Samsung series ranging from S4 to S8 still have a fairly high price. Not long ago also out, now there is Galaxy S9.

Sophistication of Samsung Galaxy S9

Reportedly this product has been completed made by Samsung. Relevant news obtained directly from the Chinese media that has leaked the design of this Samsung S9. In addition, launched from the US, Samsung will also launch the Samsung S9 series in the form of a mini. Where will further complement the news tersiarnya marketing Samsung S9. Users can choose which ones are preferred to buy.

The marketing distance of Samsung S9 is very close to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 which is also still kinyis-kinyis because it is still very new. For that Samsung S9 presence is considered a product of penance by Samsung after marketing the Samsung S8 series. Where on the Samsung S8, fingerprint sensor detection tool is very difficult to operate. It is located next to the camera lens.

The function of this fingerprint sensor is for security, so that later will be able to detect anyone who holds our smartphone. Surely who is not the owner of a smartphone or anyone else.

This fingerprint sensor detection sensor is very profitable. So from that on the Samsung S9 is also still carrying fingerprint detection sensor. But for its location, moved on the back of the smartphone, precisely on the bottom of the double camera back.

Same with previous Samsung S8 existing Plus and Edgenya series with the designs are both elegant and very modern. In addition, the capacity is still with 4GB of RAM, plus a very sophisticated quality. Data storage is more extensive and loads of applications. Even going anti-ngeblank too.

The presence of Samsung Galaxy S9 is a super fresh wind for smartphone users, especially Samsung. The elegant design is equipped with sophisticated features and specifications that make it classy and more classy.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is also equipped with a reliable and powerful storage chip, the Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845. The more comfortable to use it. Being a full-tech man.

So? Are you ready for the latest technology from Samsung Galaxy S9?

Latest Google Maps Views With Sophisticated Features That Increasingly Stunning

Latest Google Maps Views With Sophisticated Features That Increasingly Stunning
Display Google Maps Latest - Applications on the smartphone is no doubt about the completeness. Many advanced features that can be said as a replacement robot of all human activities. Starting from communicating face to face without having to close together, and also find the address with super fast. This is Google Maps with its latest look. More interesting, sophisticated, and flexible. This latest Google Maps view is a testament to the latest revolution of technology.

Latest Google Maps app

Using technology wisely is not enough, because renewal is always needed. Either renewal in any form, so renewal should be done at any time. The purpose of this renewal is to boost the function of a technology. If the function is added, it will facilitate the user in operating it.

Google Maps is one of the feature types of apps in the smartphone. on the type of ordinary mobile phone does not exist, because Google Maps is supported with internet connection and GPS. We will be able to find the location of a region very quickly through this Google Maps. Even if we get lost we can ask Google Maps about where we are today.

This Google Maps app is always in the smartphone we buy. Already a must-have app. If it does not exist, we are free to download it in the Play Store. There are many versions, so we can choose which version to match the type of smartphone we have.

For its form, this app is inspired from the map or flat map we usually see in textbooks, on the wall map, in the atlas book, or something else. To make it easier, now see the map does not have to pocket the map, but can be directly seen in the sophisticated smartphones that never absent to accompany us anywhere.

The Latest Google Maps Views Revolution

The development of the era is also very fast, changes were made. Changes to progress. One of them is the development in this technology world. Changes in the appearance of smartphone applications that benefit can be felt better.

Similar to other apps, this Google Maps app also has sophisticated support features. where these features will further make it easier for users to use them. For completeness, the latest Google Maps showcases some of the latest enhancements, including Driving, Explore, Transit, and Navigation.

In each new feature found in the latest Google Maps view has different functions. The main thing is to provide information about the location to be addressed. As in the Transit feature that will show some of the closest areas to be skipped and can be used as a transit area or stop or pause. The area in question is a gas station, mosque, or indeed a special transit place provided by the Police.

The sophistication of the Google Maps app does not stop there, but also on its physical design appearance. As we know before that the appearance of this Google Maps application can be made satellite view, terrain, Google earth, and others. The Google Maps app now adds views by adding new icons for location identity. This will make it easier for users to recognize the location.

Ease of use of the latest icons that exist in this new Google Maps view makes it easier for users to find a place in accordance with the keywords typed in the Search column. Icon is also equipped with a color that will immediately look prominent to immediately reinforce the place to go. For a restaurant or café or dining area it will be highlighted in orange. This orange will instantly appear by reinforcing the contrast as users search for a place to eat.

This latest Google Maps view will provide different iconic firmness at each different location. Very different from previous versions. This latest version is considered more sophisticated and more qualified.

The experience of using the Google Maps app becomes more fun and more meaningful. The latest Google Maps view makes it easier for users to travel without fear of getting lost. It does not take long to find the address or location to which it belongs.

The Smartest Technology Company In The World, In addition to Google, Facebook and Apple

The Smartest Technology Company In The World, In addition to Google, Facebook and Apple
The Smartest Technology Company In The World - The brightest technology companies continue to make innovations, one of which gets a lot of attention on artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). Big companies like Snapchat, Facebook and Apple continue to dominate with their advanced technology.

But the MIT Technology Review does not include Apple and Facebook companies as the world's brightest technology companies. Although they have been actively developing smart technology to provide the best service.

As released by We Forum, MIT Technology Review always selects 50 technology companies around the world, looking at companies that create new opportunities between technology and business, Tuesday (5/9/2017). If not Apple or Facebook, then who is the smartest technology company in the world? Well, here is a summary of the information.


Nvidia is indeed very familiar in the ears of technology users, the company residing in Santa Clara, California - United States became the first intelligent technology company. Nvidia is a manufacturer that makes graphics processors, media, graphics cards, game consoles and communication tools for PCs. Now they are becoming an artificial intelligence software company.

They claim every company related to the internet and the cloud, using the chips they make to speed up the processor. Not only that, automotive companies that use autonomous steering system from Nvidia technology including Toyota. Currently their revenue is recorded at US $ 90.9 billion equivalent to Rp 1.212 trillion.


Tesla Elon Musk owner of the world's 2nd brightest technology company SpaceX. This is because the development plan to make a rocket, but can be used for reuse (reusable).

The idea of ​​technology developed by SpaceX in order to crawl space becomes cheaper, and can be used for the long term. SpaceX plans to make the inter-planetary transportation.

The brightest technology company located in Howtone, California - USA is conducting its first test. Falcon Heavy is claimed to be the most powerful rocket propulsion in rocket history.

Falcon Heavy is predicted to be completed by the end of 2017 and ready to test. They recorded a revenue of US $ 12 billion equivalent to Rp 160 trillion.


The next brightest technology company is Amazon, a company that develops artificial intelligence technology. The technology they have created is machine learning, computer vision and AI technology that makes it easier for someone to shop.

The company owner Jeff Bezos, has created a technology that applies online shopping in a physical store on Amazon Go. Where consumers simply enter into the store scan scan with gadgets or smartphones. Furthermore, groceries will come out without having to pay.

Amazon uses artificial intelligence to identify the desired product, as well as do billing automatically. So consumers will be free from the queue, making the company in Seattle, Washington - United States as one of the brightest technology companies.


23andMe company is not many people know, but the smartest technology company is doing genetic testing. They have reports on diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

The company is located in Mountain View, California - America Seriak has more than 2 million customers in the world. The DNA products they make are already widely used about depression, female fertility, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Although based on startup they have revenues of US $ 1.1 billion equivalent to Rp 14.6 trillion.


Everyone must know the Google company, this is actually a derivative of the company Alphabet. But the owner of Larry Page is now focusing on artificial intelligence technologies such as autonomous vehicle systems. virtual reality, augmented reality and search engines.

This smartest technology company has revenues of US $ 673.9 billion equivalent to Rp 8,985 trillion.

Although companies like Apple and Facebook are busy talking about it, they are not in the top 5 of the brightest technology company version of MIT Technology Review. At position 16 is occupied by Apple and position 23 is occupied by Facebook.

In addition, there are some very well-known big companies that enter the top 50 which is position 8 occupied by Tencent Chinese company, 13 occupied by Intel, 27 position occupied by Microsoft, 31 occupied Tesla and 33 occupied by Foxconn.